EOD Maker Faire | Admission


The first annual EOD Maker Faire will be held at Improvised Electronics in San Diego October 19 – 21, 2022.

Join us in San Diego for a three day event where you can learn and use the various hardware and software tools that will make you a maker. Our team of experts will guide you through these tools in seminars and work one-on-one with you to help you get the skills you need to make what you want to make. You will have the opportunity to use traditional FDM printers, our nylon SLS printers and CNC machines to make EOD tools and training devices. We will also show you how to solder and mill your own circuit boards using Eagle CAD and our Bantam Tools machines. 


EOD Maker Faire Overview (PDF)

Know Before You Go (PDF)

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Seminar Topics:

Day One:

Eagle CAD
Learn the basics of Eagle CAD and get your library set up to draw your own PCBs.

Fusion 360 
Learn to import your PCB designs into Fusion to create custom enclosures for your devices.


Day Two:

FDM 3D Printing
This seminar will walk you through setting up Cura and the basics of operating an FDM printer. We will demonstrate how to produce parts on an Ender 3 and a Prusa.

SLS 3D Printing with the Fuse 1
Get hands on with a real Selective Laser Sintering nylon printer to turn your designs into production ready parts.


Day Three:

Milling PCBs with Bantam Tools
Learn how to take your designs from Eagle and turn them into PCBs.

Arduino on a Breadboard
Lose the breakout boards and take your designs to the next level. This seminar with arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to produce microcontroller devices without buying Arduino boards