Small Blast Simulator Live Build


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Day 1: Control Electronics Build

Assemble and test control board and remote control.

Day 2: Wiring and Control Box Build

Install electronics in pelican case to make your control box

Day 3: Gas Lines and Dry Fire Tests

Run gas lines and setup fittings on cannon. Guided setup and troubleshooting to get you ready for the range.

All kit and training materials will be provided and retained by the students at the end of the course. Expect to complete this challenging course with materials to go back and train your unit.

Tuition must be paid in advance of course. Tuition is for one student.



  1. DIY Blast Simulator Kit
  2. Online Course (One Student)
  3. Electronics Kits for Labs
  4. Student Training Notes (Online)
  5. CAD files (from the labs)
  6. Certificate of Completion