Ultimate EOD Electronics Reference Guide


The Ultimate EOD Electronics Reference Guide puts everything you need to know about IED Electronics and Wire Diagnostics in the palm of your hand. The guide has over 100 circuit case studies and reference materials for all the electronics topics that are relevant to Bomb Technicians. The book comes with a breadboard and parts kit to complete the basic labs. Choose “deluxe kit” and you will receive a wireless soldering iron, solder kits, and a fluke meter with your order.


This product is available to current and former EOD and PSBT only. Verification is required upon request. We reserve the right to refund any order.


Limited Supply / Preorder Today: Ships July 15, 2022

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  • Choose ‘Book and kit’ for the reference guide and parts kit.
  • Choose ‘Book and Deluxe kit’ to receive the reference guide plus:
    • Wireless soldering iron
    • Solder kits
    • Fluke meter